Membership is open to all people who hold or have held posts as full-time or part-time (temporary) organists, as well as all relevant persons (non-organists) or relevant bodies (for example church councils, choirs or societies) whose interests extend to organ and church music. Everyone who supports SACOS’s goals, as documented in our Constitution, are invited to join the society.

Membership fees (2020)

Members in South Africa, as well as Namibia and further afield: R350
Pensioners and students: R280
Please note that an additional R80 will be payable annually if you’d like to obtain published editions of the annual report.

Enrolment form

To enrol with SACOS, please complete the enrolment form (2020) and email it along with your enrolment fee to You can fax the enrolment form and proof of payment to 086 655 4181.

Membership Renewal

Click here to download the 2020 membership renewal form.

SACOS Banking details

Rekeningnaam: SAKOV
Bank: ABSA
Takkode: 632005
Tjekrekeningnommer: 0290 810 574
Verwysingsnommer: Voorletters en van