Conservatorium For Organ Music

The Southern African Church and Concert Organists Society (SACOS) endeavours to promote music, as well as liturgical and organ-building practices in churches in Southern Africa by developing and supporting church and concert organists (as well as to encourage interest from ministers, music groups, church councils and organ builders) in order to offer functional, relevant and inspired services.

In order to pursue this vision of being the support base for organists, SACOS offers one of South Africa’s biggest competitions for an organ study bursary, with the goal of developing organists as well as establishing a wider awareness for organ-playing.  As a result of this competition, better continuity has come about since more is expected, increasingly, from the current church and concert organists.  To address subject inclusivity, subjects like organ registration techniques and improvisation as well as a variety of styles of accompaniment and genres are included.

The Conservatorium for Church Music has approached SACOS to take over their tasks, and so the SACOC Conservatorium of Organ Music has been established.  At present, the SACOS Conservatorium for Organ Music offers six exams, which are specifically aimed at church organists. SACOS also plans to compile a syllabus for concert organists as well as a handbook for church organists. The syllabus and other initiatives are processes that require constant development, and so your inputs and recommendations are highly valued, and can be submitted to SACOC’s Management for consideration.